To Good Home


Keyboards + Drums to Good Home

For sale:

Various keyboards (contact me for brands and models)—most are in excellent condition except for the Yamaha, which is still a bit sticky from a champagne shower, New Years Eve of ’04. $100-$300

One Pearl standard 5-Piece drum set—fair condition. Several different band names were applied and rejected on the front of the bass drum, including Schadenfreude (Disclaimer: There may be a graphic drawing of male genitalia under several layers of paint. Be careful what bets you lose, kids.) $600 or best offer.

Zak shut the door to his brother’s room before hitting “post.”



8 thoughts on “To Good Home

    1. I’ve found that Craigslist ads are often stranger than anything I could invent–some of them are stories in themselves. I was also inspired by the six word story: “For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.”



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